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Dear America – citations du livre

Textes choisis par l’artiste extraits du recueil de lettres :

Dear America : Letters Home from Vietnam, édité par Bernard Edelman pour

The New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission, 1985 – Norton paperback, 2002

Chaque extrait qui suit est précédé sur la sculpture du nom de son auteur et de son grade. Le signe ┼ fait suite aux extraits dont l’auteur a été déclaré « KIA » (killed in action) ; ce signe a également été placé à la suite des 2 extraits de lettre du Major Edward Alan Brudno écrite pendant sa captivité, prisonnier de guerre pendant près de 8 ans, il se donna la mort quelques jours après son retour au pays.

NephilimK travaille dans ses œuvres à redonner vie par divers biais plastiques à des écrits méconnus ou oubliés.

L’ouvrage auquel est associé cette œuvre est automatiquement mis à disposition et consultable lors d’exposition.

Ce livre n’a pas fait l’objet d’une édition en France. On peut se le procurer en import via Internet.

Les citations mises en avant dans cette œuvre explore le rapport des soldats au champ du sensible, et à celui de la femme. Il est aussi question comme toujours de faire connaître et de promouvoir la lecture du recueil dans son intégralité.

La typographie employée sur la mise en forme de la sculpture est la « Veteran Typewriter ».

N.B. : L’artiste a tapé les textes; malgré les relectures il serait possible qu’une coquille apparaisse, merci de le notifier dans les commentaires ainsi que tout autre demande que vous pourriez avoir.

­ Sgt. Micheal Kelley

Is there such a beautiful place, and such a good life on that distant island, or is my memory based only on some childhood myth that I was awed into believing ?

PFC Raymond C. Griffiths

Oh, and one more favor . I’d like the truth now. Has Darlene been faithful to me ? I know she’s been dating guys, but does she still love me best ?

2Lt. Robert C. Ranson Jr.

From the people I’ve talked to, I’ve come up with some new ideas on the war. For the most part nobody is particularly wild with patriotic feeling.

SP/4 Micheal Roman

Honey, I miss you more than anything in the world. I’m constantly thinking of you. It seems like I did here already. I can’t wait for the day that I come home to you. Remember, honey, you’re my everything.

Sgt. Allen Paul

I take your picture out quite often and just look at it, because it’s such a relief from this pitiful place to see such a beautiful being. I am thinking of you always.

2Lt. Frederick Downs, Jr. Hello My Darling

Here I am setting down to write of my love for you and the horrors of war. Right now I’m pretending that I’m talking to you. I can picture your face in front of me

1Lt. James McLeroy

How can ever « know we’re right », / Lost in this dark, primeval Night ? / Must we kill them, as beasts must fight, / Until the Earth is torn ?

2Lt. Fred Downs

Hi Honey, I had a hell of a day today (…) My man crawled into the bushes. His helmet, wallet, pictures and letters were scattered all over, not to mention his weapon. He starting yelling « medic »

2Lt. Fred Downs

Well, my love, one of these days, I’ll get some mail and I’ll read those sweet words « I Love You »

Sp/4 Charles Dawson and Cpl Richard A. Carlson

He called me, and I went to his side and began treating his wounds. He looked up at me and said,« Doc, I’m a mess. » He then said : « Oh, God, I don’t want to die. Mother, I don’t want to die. Oh God, don’t let me die. » 

PFC James Hebron

I just can’t thank you enough, Ellen, for your help and kindness in the past four months. A guy comes to realize that he couldn’t have made it through this mess without someone back there

Cpl. Kevin Macaulay

My morale is not the best because my best buddy was killed the day before yesterday. I was standing about 20 feet from him

Sp/4 Micheal Romano

Hi Sweetheart : First of all, you’ll have to excuse the dirty paper, but right now I’m on a landing craft. I’ll explain that later. Today I didn’t receive any mail from you

Sp/4 Micheal Romano

Well, honey, it’s getting kinda dark so I’ll have to leave of by saying I Love You and Miss You More Than Anything in the World. No one could ever get your place.

Lt. J.G. Richard Strandberg

Geez I hate Vietnam

2Lt. Fred Downs

Hi Honey, I received your letter today saying you got my ring. (…) I’m glad you like it. I was hoping you would. It’s the nicest personal present I’ve ever given you, I believe

Sgt. Allen Paul

The days are fairly peaceful, but the nights are pure hell ! I look up at the stars, and it’s so hard to believe that the same stars shine over you and such a different world as you live in

Sp/4 Peter H. Roepcke

Dear Gail : Hi, doll. How’s my girl today ? I hope you are not feeling too blue.

Lt. Brian Sullivan

Darling, I love you so very, very much. Finally it’s over for a while and I can write.

Lt. Brian Sullivan

Oh, Darling, it’s been so unreal. I’m not going into detail – it would only scare, depress or worry you. Just be convinced I’m fine.

Lt. J.G. Dick Strandberg

Dear Susan, The war is getting worse

2Lt. Marion Lee Kempner

What was the use of it living and being a beauty among the beasts, if it must, in the end, die because of them, and with them ?

Sp/4 Ronald Buehrer

Things aren’t really that bad over here except the agony of waiting and living without you. If I wasn’t so much in love, life would be much easier – but also empty.

Capt. James Gabbe

Have fallen spectacularly in love with Kim, my little Vietnamese whore. (…)

. Sp/4 Edmund Fanning I didn’t receive any mail today – damn – damn. It’s a lonely critter.

Sp/4 Edmund Fanning

I need to be held and cuddled and in general gotten away from this place into my baby’s arm.

Sp/4 Rob Riggan

It’s not nice to find out that you can’t always be a hero . . . 

2Lt. Fred Downs

I put my arms around his shoulders until he settled down. In the last couple of letters he has received from home, his wife has said she didn’t care whether he came back or not.

– 2Lt. Fred Downs

Last night I was conforting everyone, but there was no one to confort me.

PCF Robert Ptachik

I guess you can tell that I’m writing with my left hand, so please excuse the appearance of the letter.

Maj. Michael O’Donnell

Each of us / Is a can of tomato paste

2Lt. Fred Downs

Write to this address as I should be here if you answer right away. I’m anxious to find out how you feel and what’s been going on this last month of January as no mail has caught up me yet

2Lt. Fred Downs

I’m really very anxious to know how you feel about me loosing my arm because naturually I don’t know how you will react when you see me.

HM/2 John Reed

I just seemed to break apart. I couldn’t believe that they were dead, and I started shaking and I couldn’t see through the tears.

Sp/5 Tom Pellaton

Paul (…) was married, opposed to the war, had worked agaisnt it, but got caught in the system – like so many of us – and now he’s dead, blown up by a booby trap

Sp/5 Tom Pellaton

I just can’t express how I feel.. In writing, I’m crying.

Cpl. John Houghton

We’re all in desperate need of love. When we go to Saigon, we spend all our money on women and beer.

Capt. Rodney R. Chastant

Some of the things you write about are trivial, but they aren’t trivial to me. I’m eager to read anything about what you are doing

Capt. Rodney R. Chastant

For a while, as I read you letters, I am a normal person. I’m not killing people, or worried about being killed. While I read your letters, I’m not carrying guns and grenades.

PCF John Louis Brown

They say all brides are beautiful. But you – you were more beautiful than words could express. The happiness in your eyes expressed not only that moment but your whole future

PCF John Louis Brown

Please, don’t worry about me, but think of the future, the future. Better days lie ahead. Days of love and happiness.

Sgt. Hector Ramos

The United States, as powerful as it may be, cannot play the role of God and solve all the problems of the world, sometimes I wonder if there really is a God.

Joseph Morrissey

Thanks for that Playboy you send me. I sort of forgot what girls looked like.

PCF Thomas F. Smith Young Men

With Faces Half Shot Off / Are Unfit To Be Kissed, / I’ve Read In Books It Spoils Their Looks

1Lt. Robert Micheal Murray

I miss you, my darling. The night is cold, and you are warm and loving and soft.

1Lt. Robert Micheal Murray

But right now it seems so very long until you’re in my arms again.

Sp/4 Edmund Fanning

Darling, Today I can honestly say I did nothing but thinking about you.

Capt. Joseph K. Bush, Jr.

old Joseph still loves you. As you must already know and though the days grow longer, the time grows yet shorter until these lonely arms hold you tight once again.

Sp/4 Henri Romero

I wrote you a letter this morning, but I just had to write you again

Sp/4 Peter Roepcke

So, doll, in titi time I will be with you again…

Maj. Edward Alan Brudno

My dear honey-cake : My health is better now. The more I dream of the love we have shared, the more I love you.

Maj. Edward Alan Brudno

I’ll remember your youthful and lovely face always ; our love shall live forever.

Maj. Edward Alan Brudno

I’ll make it all up to you some day, Debby, I swear. When I return, you’ll find me older, wiser, & farmore capable of being the husband you deserve. Please keep faith in me, darling.

PCF John R. Price

I carry all your letters in the top of my helmet, and I was able to scrounge up an enveloppe.

Capt. Joseph Kerr Bush, Jr.

Baby, I need your lovin’. Poor Robin, what will she ever think of her father – always taking Mommy off and locking her up in the bedroom three or four times a day.

Capt. Joseph Kerr Bush, Jr.

Keep smiling, darling, for Joe thinks of you and loves you every minute of the day.

Selected quotes by NephilimK from

Dear America : Letters Home from Vietnam, edited by Bernard Edelman for

The New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Commission, 1985 – Norton paperback 2002

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